15 Script

Clear, complex, and nuanced theme
Every word works to support theme (nothing off topic of theme and no “filler” phrases/sentences)
Language is concrete rather than general and sentences “show” rather than “tell”
A dramatic question or tension keeps audience engaged, wanting to know what will happen
The script is emotional (even if the story is mostly humorous)
Historical research helps us understand the theme
Takes successful risks

Clear theme
Most words works to support theme
A lot of concrete rather than general language and a lot of showing rather than telling
Some drama that keeps us engaged and at least a moment of the unexpected
Some emotion
Historical research helps us understand the context of the story
Takes risks that may not all be successful

Theme is present but not crystal clear
Some filler words and sentences and some (background etc) information off topic of the theme
Some concrete language and some showing, but a lot of general language and a lot of telling
Not a lot of drama and the theme or telling of this theme is rather conventional and not surprising
Emotion resides in the story rather than the script/telling
Historical research is interesting but not adding much to the story or theme
Doesn’t take risks

Vague theme or multiple undeveloped themes
Lots in the script doesn’t support a theme
Mostly general language and mostly telling
Story and telling is conventional and entirely expected
Plot replaces emotional content
Historical research feels random

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