EN 301 schedule with assignments

15% draft portfolio: 3 essays (draft and first revision of Essay I and II due on September 23; draft and first revision of Essay III due on October 7)
15% 1 published essay (a final revision of essay I, II, or III) due on December 2
10% digital op-ed due on December 2
15% 5 reader responses
30% self study
15% participation (including peer review, workshop, and writing group, conferences, on-line postings)

W 26 In-class: Introduction to course; writer's profile; showing not telling; in-class writing
Homework: read Lamott 1-20, 151-171 (“Getting Started,” “Short Assignments”, and “Writing Groups”); read Brenda Ueland (235-238); read and respond to Nancy Sommers (75-84); draft Essay I

W 2 In-class: Reading response Sommers due; workshop Essay I (bring 3 copies to class); discuss Lamott, Ueland, and Sommers; senses exercise; concrete nouns, adjectives, verbs;
Homework: read Lamott 21-31, 176-182 (“Shitty First Drafts,” “Perfectionism,” and “Writer’s Block); read and respond to Mike Rose (85-86, 90-97).

W 9 In-class: Reading response Rose due; discuss Rose and Lamott; in class writing: event
Homework: read Lamott 39-43, 133-144 (“Polaroids” and “Index Cards”) read William Stafford (231-233); draft Essay II

W 16 In-class: Grammar B; Workshop Essay II (bring 3 copies to class); discuss Lamott and Stafford; in-class writing on Lu;
style: rules vs. folklore; style: actions
Homework: read and respond to Sondra Perl “Understanding Composing” (99-105) and Lamott “Broccoli” (110-115); compile draft portfolio: draft and revision of Essays I and II

W 23 In-class: draft portfolio for essays I and II due; reading response Perl due; discuss barriers to revision - make up reading response; Perl workshop; style: characters; sign up for conference; discuss Perl and Lamott
Homework: read Donald Murray (207-215); read and respond to Nancy Sommers (217-224); draft Essay III;

W 30 In-class: Workshop Essay III plus research; reading response Sommers II due; discuss Sommers and Murray; in-class writing on scripts; quizbowl; Washington Post op-ed; Newsweek's my Turn; practicing deep revision
Homework: compile draft portfolio: draft and revision of Essay III including research;

W 7 No class: draft portfolio for essay III and make-up reading response due in my office no later than 6:00 pm (If no one is in office, bring to A&S office on second floor of gailhac).
Homework: read and respond to Lester Faigley (149-162); write script of op-ed (200-300 words); read Min-zhan Lu (165-176)

W 14 In-class: Reading response Faigley due; discuss Faigley and Lu; sign up for conferences on self-study; 7 elements of effective digital stories; story-boarding
Homework: self-study questions and outline due at conference

W 21 In-class: digital op-ed workshop: group I

W 28 In-class: digital op-ed workshop: group II
Homework: choose essay I, II, or III to take through whole-class workshop

W 4 In-class: whole-class workshop; style: cohesion;
Homework: complete draft of self-study

W 11 In-class: draft of self-study due; whole-class workshop; style: emphasis;
Homework: writing group letters

W 18 In-class: writing group meeting: letters; digital op-ed workshop

W 25 Thanksgiving
Homework: complete digital story; revise final “published” version of essay I II or III

W 2 In-class: published essay due with reflection on its revision; showcasing digital stories
Homework: revise self-study

Self-study due in my office during our scheduled final exam

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