308 Schedule

While the shape of the course will remain stable, the day-to-day schedule will change to fit the needs of the class. Please check wiki frequently for any updates and adaptations.

Tuesday, January 12 Introduction to course; Williams Style Lesson One; parts of a sentence; Gawker/Gould interview

Homework: Read Vanessa Grigoriadis “Everybody Sucks” (3); find a magazine that runs feature articles to follow this semester and bring in a table of contents

Friday, January 15 Williams Style Lesson Two; discuss Grigoriadis and magazines

Homework: Read Tom Wolfe “Lost in the Whichy Thickets: The New Yorker”

Tuesday, January 19 Williams Style Lesson Three; discuss Wolfe; in-class writing on short assignment 1;

Homework: Read Paige Williams “You Have Thousands of Angels Around You” (157); draft short writing assignment 1: imitation of Wolfe;

Friday, January 22 draft of short writing assignment I due for workshop; Williams Style Lesson Three

Homework: Bring an essay written during a previous semester to class; revise short assignment 1;

Tuesday, January 26 Short writing assignment 1 due; Williams Style Lesson Three; actions; discuss Williams "You Have Thousands of Angels Around You” (157)

Homework: read Lillian Ross “So How Do They Like it Now, Gentlemen”

Friday, January 29 discuss Ross; in class writing

Homework: short writing assignment 2: imitation of Ross; read Caitlin Flanagan “Babes in the Woods” (344);

Tuesday, February 2 Draft of short writing assignment 2 due for workshop 2; Williams Style Lesson Four;

Friday, February 5: Snow day

Tuesday, February 9: Snow day

Homework: Identify an article in your magazine and write draft of essay 1; revise short writing assignment 2; quiz lesson 4;

Friday, February 12 Short writing assignment 2 due; discuss Essay I: Feature Article Analysis; Williams Style Lesson Five; discuss Flanagan; Draft of Essay I due; sign up for conference

Homework: quiz lesson 5

Tuesday, February 16 Willaims Style Lesson Six and Seven;Willaims Style Reading Guide for Lesson 6;

Homework:Revise Essay I; prepare for presentations; Complete question 3 on the quiz bowl; Quiz Lesson 7

Friday, February 19 Essay I due; Willaims Style Lesson Eight; Willaims Style Reading Guide for Lesson 6; parallel sentences; presentation on feature article

Homework: Read Jeanne Marie Laskas “Underworld" quiz lesson 8

Tuesday, February 23 presentations; discovering a topic for Feature Article

Homework: Choose topic for Feature Article; make-up quiz; style review

Friday, February 26 Presentations; in-class writing on Short writing 3

Tuesday, March 2 Spring Break No Class

Friday, March 5 Spring Break No Class

Homework: Short Writing 3: proposal for feature article

Tuesday, March 9 Draft of Short writing 3 due for short writing 3 workshop

Homework: Revise short assignment 3

Friday, March 12: Short writing assignment 3 due; discuss Laskas; Williams lesson 9

Homework: quiz lesson 9 (stop by my office Monday if you need the quiz)

Tuesday, March 16 secondary research day (meet in St. Joeseph Lab #6); secondary research; in-class writing on short writing assignment 4: profile or focal point essay

Homework: Primary and secondary research

Friday, March 19 no class

Homework: Draft short writing assignment 4

Tuesday, March 23 short writing assignment 4 due for workshop 4; Williams lesson 10;
Homework: revise short writing assignment 4

Friday, March 26 short writing assignment 4 due; workshop towards a theme; Strunk and White The Elements of Style 14 Use the Active Voice; Strunk and White The Elements of Style 15 Put Statements in Positive Form; Strunk and White The Elements of Style 16 Use Definite Specific Concrete language;
Homework: quiz lesson 16

Tuesday, March 30 questions you are answering/hope to answer; organization workshop; intro workshop; Strunk and White 17 Omit Needless Words; Strunk and White The Elements of Style 18 Avoid a Succession of Loose Sentences; Strunk and White The Elements of Style 19 Express Coordinate Ideas in Similar Form; Strunk and White The Elements of Style 20 keep related words together; Introductions

Friday, April 2 Easter No Class

Tuesday, April 6 Monday schedule observed on Tuesday: No Class

Homework: quiz lesson 18 - loose sentences; bring to class a clean copy of a piece of writing produced in a previous semester; short writing assignment 5: our own style guide with examples

Friday, April 9: The Elements of Style 22 Place the Emphatic Words of a Sentence at the End; revising a piece of writing produced in a previous semester; organization

Homework: create short writing assignment 5: our own style guide with examples

Tuesday, April 13: Short writing assignment 5 due; presentations; sign up for conferences

Homework:prepare for conference

Friday, April 16 no class - conferences on Feature Article

Homework: revise 3 pages from a previous semester

Tuesday, April 20 draft of Feature Articledue; revised Short writing assignment 5; meet in computer lab to work on style revision of 3-page writing with style guide

Homework: writing group letters

Friday, April 23 writing group meeting; writing cover letters; style revision of 3-page writing due previous semester due with original

Homework: revise Feature Article, draft cover letter

Friday April 30 12:00-2:30: Feature Article due

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