4 Most Important Things About The Bluest Eye

1) Evil and suffering exist even though there is a God. The book asks how and why this can be.

2)Denial, particularly of your race and of your culture, breeds evil (Soaphead church, Geraldine, Junior, Pauline).

3) Accept yourself in spite of the social norms that you can’t meet and that exclude you. Attempting to fulfill these norms will harm you, perhaps even destroy you.

4) Society’s norms (i.e. white, beauty norms) exist for a few. They are part of oppression and are based on the idea of excluding others. Black women suffer from norms of racism and sexism – they are particularly vulnerable to the damage of these norms, as is evidence by the victimization of little black girls in the text.

5) At the same time, complete freedom from social norms and the “conscious” they regulate is dangerous and perhaps as evil as the norms themselves (Cholly). BTW, “Howl” will have a different take on the value of complete freedom from social norms …

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