4 Most Important Things From Blackboy

1) This is a world where you can’t trust others, which results in people being isolated from one another. But the alternative, to be trusting and not isolated, is to be naïve and foolish (Bess and Mrs. Ross).

2) Education (which is books and experience, not schooling) can change/broaden your perspective on the world. Blackboy sees this as a good/necessary thing even though no material or social success results (Wright is a janitor at the end of our reading)

3) Conformity is necessary for survival, a necessary evil. The book does not, however, condone conformity.

4) Race is meaningless (white and black aren't real things), but has a powerfull impact on lives regardless.

5) Racism is violent in the south and silent, even invisible, in the north. The north is not free of racism, however.

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