551 Schedule

January 14: Introduction to course
In-class: reflection; reading responses and ethnography of a writing class assigned


January 21: Theories of Revision
Due: reading response:

  • Janet Emig “Writing as a Mode of Learning”
  • Donald M. Murray “Teach Writing as a Process Not Product”
  • Nancy Sommers “Revision Strategies of Student and Experienced Adult Writers”
  • Sondra Perl “Understanding Composition” (handout)
  • Nancy Sommers “Between the Drafts” (handout)

In-class: discuss readings; composition paper assigned; primary sources ads from the sixties

January 28 Responding to Student Writing
Due: contact instructor of class you will shadow; write revision comments on “Street Gangs: One Point of View” (Sourcebook); read set of sample comments on “The Four Seasons” (Sourcebook); find 4 primary sources for composition paper; reading response:

  • Nancy Sommers “Responding to Student Writing” (Sourcebook)
  • Richard Straub “The Concept of Control in Teacher Response: Defining the Varieties of ‘Directive’ and ‘Facilitative’ Response” (Sourcebook)
  • Donald Daiker “Learning to Praise” (Sourcebook)
  • Peter Elbow “Ranking, Evaluating, and Liking: Sorting Out Three Forms of Judgment” (Sourcebook)

In-class: discuss readings, our comments, and sample comments; in-class writing – freewrite for primary source analysis

February 4 Assigning: Issues of Audience and Purpose
Due: composition paper due for peer review; bring in syllabus and major assignments (if available) from shadowed course; reading response:

  • Lisa Ede and Andrea Lunsford “Audience Addressed/Audience Invoked: The Role of Audience in Composition Theory and Pedagogy”
  • Kenneth A. Bruffee “Collaborative Learning and the ‘Conversion of Mankind’”
  • James A. Reither “Writing and Knowing: Towards Redefining the Writing Process” (handout)
  • Edward M. White “Using Scoring Guides to Assess Writing” (Sourcebook)

In-class: discuss readings; peer review of composition paper; reflection on past peer review; discuss assignment sequencing; how to write a class visit report

February 11 Snow day

February 18 Academic Discourse and Gendered Argument Ed
Due: revised composition paper in portfolio; bring in one of your favorite academic papers; reading response:

*n-class: discuss readings and our own discourse, in-class writing – reflection on process of composition paper; research essay assigned; brainstorm research topics

February 25 Teaching and Power Bess
Due: meet with me about possible research topics; you should have attended at least one composition class by now; reading response; topic for research paper and preliminary database search; reading response;

  • Linda Brodkey “On the Subjects of Class and Gender in ‘The Literacy Letters’”
  • Rosemary Dean “Notes to Stella” (handout)
  • Donald M. Murray “The Listening Eye: Reflections on the Writing Classroom” (handout)
  • Laurel Johnson Black from “Conversation, Teaching, and Points in Between” in Between Talk and Teaching: Reconsidering the Writing Conference

In-class: discuss readings; brainstorm interview questions

March 4: Spring Break No Class

March 11 “Basic” Writing and Teaching Writing in the 21st Century Julie
Due: interview questions

  • Mina P. Shaughnessy “Diving In: An Introduction to Basic Writing”
  • Mike Rose ”The Language of Exclusion: Writing Instruction at the University”
  • Robert E. Land Jr. and Catherine Whitley “Evaluating Second-Language Essays in Regular Composition Classes: Towards a Pluralistic U.S. Rhetoric” (handout)
  • Chris M. Anson “Distinct Voices: Teaching Writing in a Culture of Technology”

In-class: discuss readings; in-class reading response; workshop interview questions; assignment sequence and teaching philosophy assigned; watch youtube video on student life

Practicum:Theory into Practice

March 18 no class: work on project

March 25: Workshop Steph
Due: draft of ethnography of a writing class due to the instructor of the class you are shadowing for feedback; conference about research and focus of research paper; notes on student writing from the class you are shadowing; ideas for assignment sequence; skim Catherine Karen Kopelson “Splitting Images; or, Back to the Future of (Rhetoric?) Composition" skip rhetoric section if you want
In class: share research in progress; discuss freshmen writing; workshop ideas for assignment sequence

April 1: Easter Break no class

April 8 Ethnography of a Writing Class Ed or Emily
Due: draft of research project; draft of ethnography of a writing class and Overview of Ethnography of a writing class
In-class: writing group: ethnography of a writing class

April 15 Research Paper Jessica
Due: ethnography of a writing class; Overview of Ethnography of a writing class due; writing group letters
In-class: writing group: research paper; debate

April 22 Assignment Sequence and English Night Alyssa
Due: draft of assignment sequence and teaching philosophy
In class: writing group: assignment sequence and teaching philosophy; presentation assigned; course reflection and evaluation

Final exam: April 29 6:30-9:15 presentation of findings of research paper; research paper and teaching philosophy/assignment sequence due

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