Consent Form 2

I Mary Meola wish to interview you Marlyan Smith. As a student at Marymount University we are exploring the importance of oral history. I have selected you to assist me in this project. I will be interviewing you and asking you various questions about your experiences growing up. I will then take our interview and change the interview by creating a picture show telling your story in my words with photographs. The photographs will be pictures of you and your family members. The objective of this project is to learn from your story and properly examine the significance of your life. I have selected you because I believe that you have a story to tell. If at any time you feel uncomfortable with a question asked you have no obligation to proceed with the interview. This project will be published online and viewed by the public. It is important that you feel comfortable with the information you share.
Time and date of interview_:_ _/_/_
Place of Interview
Relationship of Interviewer & Interviewee _
By signing below you are consenting to all the above information

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