Day-To-Day Schedule

15% Project I - Summaries (short and long summary assignments) and critical reading assignments
15% Project II - Personal Essay and related assignments
30% Project III - Research Report and related assignments (oral presentation)
15% Project IV - Comparison Analysis of Two Articles
25% Midterm and Final Exams

T 25 In class: Introduction to course; class profile; reading to understand, reading to respond; diagnostic 101

F 27 Due: read Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson “Multitasking State of Mind” 469-471
In class: watch youtube video on student life; short summary assignment; reading as a believer, reading as a doubter; class activity - annotate and write a summary of "Multitasking State of Mind"

T 1 Due: read and summarize David Denby “High-School Confidential: Notes on Teen Movies” 396-401.
In class: distinguishing fact and opinion; paraphrasing accurately and ethically; practice paraphrasing

F 4 Due: Summary of Tom Moore “Movie Fantasy vs. Classroom Reality” 402-405
In class: rhetorical triangle and audience: ethos, pathos, logos; long summary assignment; titles, introductions, conclusions

T 8 Due: read Alfred Lubrano “The Shock of Education: How College Corrupts” 546-552
In class: Identifying main and supporting ideas in course readings; paragraph organization and transitions; style

F 10 Due: read and draft long summary of Fan Shen “The Classroom and the Wider Culture: Identity as Key to Learning English Composition” 702-710
In class: peer review; summarize Fan Shen in pairs.

T 15 Due: revise short summary if you received an R or a grade you want to improve
In class: personal essay assignment; personal narrative seed; style - action verbs

F 18 Due: Long summary of Fan Shen “The Classroom and the Wider Culture: Identity as Key to Learning English Composition” read Kevin Jennings “American Dreams” 591-585
In class: voice and audience of course readings; in-class writing: personal narrative seed; coordination and subordination; sentence combining

T 22 Due: self-guided library tour
In class: organization and controlling themes of personal essays - outlining course readings; showing not telling; class constructed grading criteria

F 25 Due: draft of personal essay (bring 3 copies)
In class: Peer review of personal essay; research project assignment; brainstorming research topics; sign up for conferences

T 29 No class – conferences; have possible list of research topics and your revised personal narrative

F 2 In Class: library research day

T 6 Due: Personal narrative
In class: reflection on personal narrative; style review; clear promoun reference; narrowing topics through research; developing research questions before and during research; midterm evaluation

F 9 no class

T 13 fall break

F 16 Due: Research Plan due
In Class: library research day

T 20 Due: compile research: find and annotate two articles from Proquest and two articles from Academic Search Complete; bring all annotated articles to class
In class: working towards a theme; distinguishing primary and secondary sources; thinking about our research findings; integrating quotations smoothly; prepare for midterm.

F 23 class: Midterm (summary of article).

T 27 Due: compile research: find and annotate two more articles based on your controlling theme
In class: workingtowards a thesis; types of evidence; evaluating sources; assertions and evidence, the 80% rule; outlining; integrating quotations smoothly

F 30 In class: discuss themes; finding typed of evidence in an articles; field research; discovering interview questions; MLA; writing our works cited page

T 3 In class: more on oral presentations; prepare for group conference; hooks for introductions; midterm student evaluations

F 6 no class: group conferences

T 10 In class: Group oral presentations

F 13 In class: Group oral presentations

T 17 Due: Nancy Sommers; MLA review; draft of research project for writing group (3 copies)

F 20 Due: writing group letters;
In class: writing group meeting

T 24 Due: Research project; Due: read and annotate Steven Johnson “It’s All about You” and Brian Williams “Enough about You” 446-451; comparative analysis assignment; thesis exercise

F 27 Thanksgiving

T 1 Due: draft of comparative analysis assignment of Johnson and Williams due
In-class: peer review

F 4 Due: comparative analysis assignment of Johnson and Williams
In class: review for final

Sat. 5 Final Exam (compare contrast of two articles)

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