Monday, August 29: Course introductions – what do we know about D.C neighborhoods; Get to know students, Peer mentor as a resource

Thursday, September 1: read “Before Harlem, There Was U Street”; Transition experience and getting (effectively!) Connected to MU Technology

Monday, September 5: Labor Day Holiday

Thursday, September 8: U Street Field trip; read NY Times travel article

Monday, September 12: inquiry questions about U street; choose neighborhood; links to dc sources; Getting Involved on Campus

Thursday, September 15: research neighborhoods; DC Neighborhood observation field trip

Monday, September 19: discuss research on neighborhoods; draft of inquiry questions due for peer review

Thursday, September 22: draft of inquiry questions due for instructor review; powerpoint introductions; University-wide Resources

Monday, September 26: writing workshop on inquiry questions; introduce Task Stream; study abroad presentation

Thursday, September 29: concrete language; rhetorical analysis assignment; using concrete language (this is English 101 make –up class for missing EN 101 September 8th)

Monday, October 3: Inquiry questions due 10%; powerpoint introductions due; Time Management and Learning Style

Thursday, October 6: representative from LRC; reading due disability narrative

Monday, October 10: Fall Break No Class

Thursday, October 13: autistic video;

Monday, October 17: one-on-one meetings with peer mentor - no Discover class but meet at 12:30 for EN 101

Thursday, October 20: Read/skim the ADA wiki site and bring in three narrowed research topics: [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Americans_with_Disabilities_Act_of_1990]; designing field research; Prepare for Registration, How to meet with your Advisor

Monday, October 24: no class – group conferences

Thursday, October 27: writing field research question

Monday, October 31: using Read, Write, Gold; How to Register (Marynet Tutorial), writing field research

Thursday, November 3: Field research day; take photos of D.C. neighborhood

Monday, November 7: in-class writing - digital story prompts; seven traits of an effective digital story; discuss field research

Thursday, November 10: Digital Story Script due for peer review (3 copies)

Monday, November 14: Field Research results and presentation (10%); Digital Story Script due for instructor review; Stress Relief

Thursday, November 17: Field Research results and presentation (10%)

Monday, November 21: revise and record script; reflection assignment

Thursday, November 24: Thanksgiving Break No Class

Monday, November 28: Lab work: Digital story

Thursday, December 1: Lab work: Digital story; draft of reflection due for peer review

Monday, December 5: Lab work: Peer review of digital story; draft of reflection due for instructor review; how to prepare for Final Exams

Thursday, December 8: Lab work: digital story; Celebrate the 1st semester completion of your University Experience

Monday. December 12: digital movie showcase (40%)

Thursday, December 15 12-2:30 Revised reflection essay due during final exam period (20%)

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