Op Ed Essay On Educational Issues

Write a 3-4 page op-ed essay focusing on some issue of higher education. You’re purpose is to convince a chosen audience (professors, students, administrators, parents). You will need an explicit thesis and evidence to support this thesis. This evidence can come from your personal experiences, secondary sources (articles), and/or field research (interviews you conduct, surveys you conduct). You will need to explain how your evidence supports the thesis. Topic sentences will help keep you focused and organized.

I) Choose topic:
Choose one of the following stems
When it come to Marymount/College, I really care about X.
One thing that makes me mad about Marymount/college is X.
If I could change one thing about Marymount/college, it would be X.
If everyone would just X Marymount/college would be a better place.
I hate it when people at Marymount/college X.

II) Write about your topic:
Write down your experience with this topic.

III) In your group, discuss:
What do I want my audience to do or not do (purpose, argument)?
Who do I want to convince specifically (audience)? The answer can’t be everyone because you only have 3-4 pages.

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