Feature Article

Essay II: Feature Article
Write a 7-10 page essay about a current, interesting topic. You must use secondary sources and field research (interviews, observations, etc.) to support a theme.

Due Dates
02/26 in-class writing: short assignment III (abstract)
03/09 Short assignment III due
03/12 workshop on field research
03/16 library research
03/23 draft of short assignment 4 due (interview or observation)
03/26 short assignment 4 due
04/16 draft of article due for conference
04/20 feature article due for writing group
04/23 writing group meeting
04/30 feature article due in folder containing 2 copies of final draft, conference draft, writing group draft, writing group letters, and copies of all secondary sources cited).

Grading Criteria

  • Do you have a unique angle on a current, interesting topic?
  • Do you bring expert or insider knowledge to the topic?
  • Do you support a theme about a current, interesting topic?
  • Does this theme deal with the complex political, social, and/or economic issues that animate this topic?
  • Do you show the human face of this topic?
  • You must use secondary sources (at least two) and field research (interviews, observations, etc.) to support this theme.
  • Do you integrate supporting quotes and paraphrases smoothly and correctly into the argument (make sure quotes are accurate)? Interviews should be written as dialogue.
  • Do you include your informants’ perspectives? Are you fair to your informants’ perspectives?
  • Do you adequately addresses opposing evidence?
  • Do you eliminate unnecessary information?
  • Do you bring the topic alive with sensory and descriptive detail?
  • Do you conclude somewhere near the bottom of page 7 (or on a subsequent page)
  • Do you demonstrate revision (there should be substantial differences between the first and final draft)?


  • Do you have an introduction that adequately introduces the essay? Drawing the reader into the article is especially important in feature articles.
  • Do you have a conclusion that adequately concludes the essay?
  • Is the essay, as a whole, logically organized into well-developed, well-organized sections?
  • Do these sections have titles to make paper organization clear for readers (optional)?
  • Do you use transitions between paragraphs and transitions between sentences?
  • Do you avoid unnecessary repetition?


  • Is the essay clean stylistically, using clear and graceful prose?
  • Have you addressed, in at least one paragraph, the three main style issues I noted in essay I?
  • Have you drafted and revised with your own style guide in mind (the 5+ style rules in short assignment 5)
  • Is the essay grammatically correct, using commas with an introductory phrases, using a comma and a conjunction to connect two independent phrases (phrases that can stand alone as sentences), using only a conjunction with compound verbs.
  • Do you employ a voice and tone appropriate and conscientious word choice appropriate to the rhetorical situation and audience?
  • Is your essay be formatted correctly? (1inch margins and Times Roman 12inch font) ?
  • Do you include a works cited page, in correct MLA format, that lists the texts to which your paper refers?
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