Explication 2

Charity was disappointed; but she understood. It wasn't the temptations of Starkfield that had been Mr.

Royall's undoing; it was the thought of losing her. He was a dreadfully "lonesome" man; she had made

that out because she was so "lonesome" herself. He and she, face to face in that sad house, had

sounded the depths of isolation; and though she felt no particular affection for him, and not the

slightest gratitude, she pitied him because she was conscious that he was superior to the people about

him, and that she was the only being between him and solitude. Therefore, when Miss Hatchard sent for

her a day or two later, to talk of a school at Nettleton, and to say that this time a friend of hers

would "make the necessary arrangements," Charity cut her short with the announcement that she had

decided not to leave North Dormer.

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