In 250 words, respond to Lester Faigley’s article “Competing Theories of Process: A Critique and a Proposal.” The article focuses on several of the dominant theoretical views of the composing process. In your reading response (and whenever you do the assigned reading throughout the semester) you’ll want to think both about the content of the essay and about how it applies to your own writing processes. That way you’ll be one step ahead when you sit down to write your Self-Study in the second half of the semester. Here are some questions to get you thinking about the reading. You should answer several, though you don’t need to answer all of them.

• What is the “Expressive View” of writing? What, according to Faigley, are some if its characteristics? Are there any ideas here you’ve heard before in other readings? If so, where?

•What, according to Faigley, are the major characteristics of the “Cognitive View” of writing? Can you relate any of these ideas to ideas from other readings this semester?

•What are the major characteristics of the “Social View”? Do any of these ideas resonate with other things we’ve read about or talked about this semester?

•Where does your view of writing fit with these three theoretical views? Do you see yourself taking more of an expressive view, a cognitive view, or a social view of writing and your own writing process? Or does your view encompass more than one of these theories?

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