Finding Types Of Evidence In Article

Facts: “The proliferation of planned communities would certainly include the Las Vegas Valley, the population of which has nearly doubled to 799,381 since 1982”(184).
Expert Testimony: “The history of suburbia is a history of gradual dysfunction says Brian Greenspun, whose family owns the American Nevada corporation” (185).
Rutgers history professor Robert Fishman, author of Bourgeois Utopias …would agree that suburbia hasn’t worked”(185)
Personal Experience: “Starting with the first English paper I wrote, I found that learning to compose in English is not an isolated classroom activity, but a social and cultural experience” (703)
Personal Observation: Outside the building in the forlorn plaza, six concrete benches had been fixed astride lawns, offering citizens 24 seats” (185).
Interviews: “’We moved here because Jase was getting towards school age,’ Maria explained between sets” (186).
Surveys or Questionnaires:

Looks for types of evidence in your article:
Expert Testimony:
Personal Experience:
Personal Observation:
Surveys or Questionnaires:

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