Midterm Student Evaluations

Overall, students are satisfied with the class.

Student goals include to gain/improve writing skills, get more into English, be able to write different kinds of papers, understand sentence structure, improve revision skills, do well grade-wise, research better, write more quickly and clearly, and become better at analyzing articles. Of course, the ubiquitous “become a better writer” topped the list.

Students overwhelmingly found that group work was key in helping them achieve these goals and in their enjoyment of the class (this is rare!). One student wrote “We have the opportunity to converse and talk about what we are learning as a group.” One-on-one conferences came in a close second. Hands-on activities in class (rather than lectures) also garnered praise from students. Step-by-step projects were praised by two students. Other students wrote that handouts, my openness to questions, grammar reviews, and the class focus on revision were helpful.

Many students also singled out the reading and writing topics as well as different kinds of writing projects as helping them meet the course goals and/or helping them enjoy the class.

Students praised the vibe of the class – the open and even “warm” environment. Students appreciated hearing other students’ ideas in small group and class discussions. One student found the class too quiet and another wanted more discussions (this student found that in discussions, other students often “point out things that I hadn’t picked up”). Likewise two other students wanted more discussion of articles in class.

One student found information sometimes too general, not specific enough. Two others wanted more detail on assignments. One student found in-class assignments sometimes too rushed, particularly at the end of the class when important announcements are given as students are preparing to leave. One student wanted more proofreading exercises on the board. One student who felt s/he was learning useful techniques nonetheless wanted to see more of an improvement in his/her writing.

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