New Words

For script (discover) or research essay (composition). Replaces a missed reading response or other particpation assignment in either Discover or Composition.

1. Zeusclap
2. Toothsplosion, Stunnerve, Antarticle
3. Gagoogle
4. Cluelost, Morndizzy, Confuzzled
5. Coonsight, Tearous
6. Dejavoid, Sanoni
7. Potatolegs, Coucho
8. Indemunchies, Bungry
9. Hungfusion, Hungercisive
10. Sheivers, Imps, Buttmunches
11. Ragetastic
12. Bugaboo
13. Truckmeow, Ambuglance
14. Shockandawkward
15. Anticispaz, Anpresentation, Anticipresent

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