Once I was; now I am.

Once I was shy; now I am mellow.
Once I was fat and hated myself; now I am fat and happy.
Once I cursed the day I was married; now I am happily married.
Once I was a grass-green country boy; now I can survive in D.C.
Once I played soccer like the fire was in me; now I study and smoke two packs a day.
Once I was angry; now I am calm and collected.
Once I was hated by all; now I am accepted by all.
Once I was a boy; now I am a man.
Once I was a daddy's girl; now I'm my dad's angel.
Once I was ashamed of myself; now I am proud of myself.
Once I loved; now I'm heartbroken.
Once I was feared being alone; now I fear losing the ones I love.
Once I was told I over analyze; now I know this is true.
Once I was the top dog in high school; now I am scared pup in college.
Once I was scared to talk to you; now I dread the day I met you.
Once I only wanted to grow up; now I want to go back.
Once I was lost; now I know my way home.
Once I was bitter; now I'm accepting.
Once I was depressed; now I'm happy.
Once I was submissive; now I'm defiant.
Once I was athletic; now I'm lazy
Once I was short; now I'm the person to look up to.
Once I was mean; now I’m loving.
Once I was somebody's daughter; now I'm someone's mother.
Once I was a rebel; now I follow others.

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