Organization Workshop

Organization – whole class workshop
Think of your essay as a story
1. Chronological (Babes, Gawker). These are both chronological stories about researching the story. This organizational structure is a great choice IF you want to highlight the research question/process.
2. Chronological with extended flashback(s) (Angel).
3. Story is one big flashback (begin at end, end at end).
4. Story is mostly one big flashback, but continues forward to the end (Forest Gump, maybe the coal mine piece).
5. Separate stories/characters who eventually weave together (think of disaster movies and how we learn all the separate characters’ stories as they board the plane or get eat breakfast in their separate homes on their way to the office.
6. Fragmented or braded (this one is hard to pull off since it requires a lot of work for the reader)

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