Peer Review Of Composition Profile

Writing Workshop
1) The writer reads his/her work aloud.

2) The group members take 3 minutes (time it) to collect their thoughts, skim the essay silently, and write notes on the draft.

3) The writer is quiet while the group talks about the essay for at least 5 minutes (time it). The writing should take notes.

Discuss what you liked:
what vivid descriptions bring person alive
what moved you
what feels like the “heart” of the essay
what struck you as insightful
what surprised you
what is most interesting to you
what makes the person seem believable and human
what was your favorite sentence or phrase or image

Discuss what you struggled with:
what struck you as vague
what distracted you and could be cut
what was being “told” that could be “shown”
what feels like it might belong in a different essay
what needs expanded; what do you want to know more about
what about the organization confused you
are there places where the language could be “fresher” (concrete rather than abstract)
what feels too predictable in what is being said or the way it is being said
what filler sentences or phrases should be deleted

4) The group talks about the next steps of revision for at least 5 minutes (time it).
In particular, the group should ask the writer what s/he thinks is most significant or important in the essay and what s/he most wants to get across to readers. “What’s the piece really about?” This is also the writer’s chance to respond to the previous discussion and to ask the group questions.
As a group, writer included:

a) decide what you think the writer’s theme should be (the purpose, the significance, the “so what”)
b) decide the 3 biggest changes the writer needs to make to the essay in this next step of revision
c) circle which of the below strategies the essay uses to bring the person alive
Clothes in service of personality Gestures
Dialogue Actions
Things the profiler likes The writer's reactions to the profile
Adjectives The profilee's reactions to the writer

The writer will write the answers to a and b and c on a draft to be handed in.

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