Post In Class Writing To Blackboard

Due Jan 14
250+ words
Describe an early writing experience, the time you learned cursive, the first time you remember writing a poem, the time you received criticism or praise for your writing.

Due Jan 18
In 250+ words give me a scene of memory focused, at least in part, on an object in a childhood home. You'll want to use one of the "tricks" that we liked in the Snow essay:
Voice of youth (perhaps through exaggeration or a childish view of the rules of the world)
Dialogue (and it shoudl sound "real")
not focused on the narrator (you) but on others
metaphors and adjectives
let characters emerge slowly

Due Jan 21
250+ words
Choose a physical characteristic of yourself that you despise (or have despised) and write a paragraph about a time it was exposed to the world and a paragraph about a time you became reconciled to it, a time you accepted it (like Alice Walker in the desert so thankful she can see or Lauren seeing the man in the wheelchair).
Choose a memorable experience from when you were young (perhaps a first) and write two paragraphs, one in the voice of innocence and one in the voice of experience. See page 77 in the book for more explanation of this writing prompt and think of Brandt’s two descriptions of his family’s town, one through the eyes of a child and one through the cynical eyes of an adult.

No matter which prompt you choose, remember to add an outside voice to the essay seed – dialogue, quotation, opposing viewpoint.

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