Practice Paraphrasing

"The enemy is not authority; the enemy is other teens and the social system that they impose on one another" (398).
Teenagers do not view authority figures as the enemy. Instead, other teens and the social system they impose on one another are the enemies (398).
Teens are each other's enemy, not the administration.
Denby states that teens today are not afraid of people or teachers but more afraid of what others think or say about them.
The author argues that one's peers influence a person more so than authority figures (398).
David Denby states that authority is not the enemy but that instead it is other students who impose their own class system in their schools.

"Genre films dramatize not what happens but how things feel - the emotional coloring of memory" (398).
Films of a certain genre will portray how some thing felt more dramatic emotionally than what really happened" (398).
Movies from different genres focus mainly on how the audience feels toward what is going on, not what is actually happening (398).

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