Practice Paraphrasing Portelli and Allison

"But the undervaluing and the overvaluing of oral sources end up by canceling out specific qualities, turning these sources into mere supports for traditional written sources or into an illusory cure for all ills" (Portelli 33).

"They [traditional and oral history] have common as well as autonomous characteristics, and specific functions which only either one can fulfill" (Portelli 33).

"Expecting the transcript to replace the tape for scientific purposes is equivalent to doing art criticism on reproductions, or literary criticism on translations" (Portelli 33-34).

In conclusion these two interviews with Mike Nation indicate that he has taken his narrow, fragmented and personal view of a combat experience and made it into a comprehensive and understandable account of what not only happened to him but also the entire the Box Score Patrol" (Allison 227).

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