Quirk or bad choice

1) Name one of your quirks, one of the "idiosyncrasies, stubborn ticks, antisocial mannerism and so on that set you apart from the majority of your fellowman” (Lopate 38). Then dramatize this quirk. Write yourself doing something that illustrates this quirk.


2) "There are hard choices to be made when a person is put under pressure. And it’s in having made the wrong choice, curiously enough, that we are made all the more aware of our freedom and potential for humanity. So it is that remorse is often the starting point for good personal essays, whose working-out brings the necessary self-forgiveness (not to mention self-amusement) to outgrow shame” Gutkind (43-44). Write about an event when you made the wrong choice, an event/choice that is still “perplexing, vexing, … unresolved” (Gutkind 40).
1) Turn yourself into a character – distance, dramatization, etc.
2) Show inner “conflict” as a way to add complexity to your voice
3) Create a setting (use skills from home essay).

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