Reading Response

Reading response (from Dr. Karapetkova)

You will need to read the assigned essays carefully and be prepared to discuss them in class. In addition, several times during the semester you will write a reading responses of 1-2 pages. These responses are designed to help you interact with the readings as a writer, looking for tools and approaches you can use in your own essays.

I will provide a reading response query (such as what are the aspects of creative nonfiction, as articulated by Writing True, that you see in “Let it Snow.”). These queries will ask you to discuss the work in detail as a writer, looking not only at what the piece says but how it says it, how the author creates the desired emotional or intellectual effect. In particular, you’ll need to show how the author uses the tools of the craft of literary nonfiction: sensory description, imagery, scene, dialogue, character, ethos, framing, interview, fact, style (i.e. repetition, alliteration), etc.

These are not formal responses that require sentence-level polish. They do not require an overall thesis or profound interpretations. Nor will you want to summarize or re-tell the essay. Note that this lack of formality doesn’t mean you can be vague or impressionistic; you will need to refer to details and specifics of the text in your responses. In sum, you will answer the reading response query and support that answer with examples and details from the essay.

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