Reading Response Perl

Reading Response 3: Felt Sense
Length: 250+ words
Due: September 23

For Reading Response 3, respond to Sondra Perl’s article “Understanding Composing.” Here are some questions to get you thinking about the reading. You should answer at least several though you don’t need to answer all of them.

• What does Perl mean by “felt sense”? How would you define the term in your own words based on her discussion?
• Is “felt sense” something you can relate to? Do you experience “felt sense” when you write? Or was it not an idea that resonated with you?
• What does Perl mean by retrospective structuring? What does she mean by projective structuring? Can you define these concepts in your own words? Are these processes part of your own writing methods? How so? To what extent?
• How does Lamott’s way of seeing and discussing intuition in writing relate to Perl’s concept of “felt sense”? Or does it seem completely different to you?
• Did you learn any tools/ ideas from Perl’s article that you’d like to incorporate into your own writing process? Did you run across any processes/ideas that you already incorporate when you write? What new ideas from the article might you try? How do you think they might affect your writing?

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