While the shape of the course will remain stable, the day-to-day schedule will change to fit the needs of the class. Please check our wiki frequently for any updates and adaptations.

Tuesday, January 12 Introduction to Course
Friday, January 15 The Rise of Silas Lapham 1-3, 3-48

Tuesday, January 19 The Rise of Silas Lapham 4-11, 49-154 (last day to add a class)
Friday, January 22 The Rise of Silas Lapham 12-14, 155-208

Tuesday, January 26 The Rise of Silas Lapham 15-24, 209-314
Friday, January 29 The Rise of Silas Lapham 25-end, 315-365

Tuesday, February 2 W.D. Howells “Editha” and Mary E. Wilkins Freeman “A Poetess” (handouts)
Friday, February 5 Frost (Last day to drop a class or withdraw without academic record)

Tuesday, February 9 Summer 1-8, 3-79 Exam I Due (take home)
Friday, February 12 Summer 9-14, 80-137

Tuesday, February 16 Summer 15-end, 138-192 Exam I revisions due
Friday, February 19 Blackboy 1, 1-35 Essay I Due

Tuesday, February 23 Blackboy 2-10 35-207
Friday, February 26: Blackboy 11-14 208-257

Tuesday, March 2: Spring Break No Class
Friday, March 5: Spring Break No Class

Tuesday, March 9 Blackboy 15-17, 258-314-and Zora Neale Hurston (last day to drop with a W)
Friday, March 12 Faulkner

Tuesday, March 16 T. S. Eliot “The Waste Land” and “Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock” (handouts)
Friday, March 19 no class

Tuesday, March 23 Faulkner Essay II Due
Friday, March 26 Exam II

Tuesday, March 30 Day of the Locust 1-17, 21-124
Friday, April 2 Easter No Class

Tuesday, April 6: Monday schedule observed on Tuesday: No Class
Friday, April 9: Day of the Locust 18-end, 125-202

Tuesday, April 13 Death of a Salesman
Friday, April 16 Death of a Salesman

Tuesday, April 20 Allen Ginsberg “Howl” (handout) and Slaughterhouse IV
Friday, April 23 Slaughterhouse IV Essay III Due

Friday April 30 3:00-5:30 Final Exam

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