Senses Exercise

Add a scene to your essay. Choose a place/space that something will happen to illustrate your theme.

1) Describe the space with as much detail as possible (too much detail). You can use a panorama view or a birds eye view, but make us see it.

2) Look over your draft and insert one detail of sound. You should end up with a description that allows a reader to both visualize the setting and imagine what it sounds like there.

3) Now insert one detail of smell Consider what the objects in the setting might smell like, as well as the air in general. Your result should be a passage allowing a reader to visualize the setting and imagine the sounds and smells there.

4) Now insert one detail of taste. This can be as simple as the taste of the air in an open mouth or as complex as your narrator sitting down to a feast. Aim for a piece that allows the reader to imagine the place in terms of visual detail plus sound, smell and taste.

5) Inserting a detail of touch. This can include what things actually feel like to the touch, what things look like they'd feel like, and other details such as the feeling of a breeze on the skin. Remember that touch can include sensations like temperature, texture, pressure and more. Give your reader some sense of what it is like to be physically present in that setting in addition to the visual, sound, smell and taste details.

You probably have much more detail that you'd ever need in a descriptive passage. Edit your passage. Concentrate on using the right details and removing the ones that don't really matter.

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