Short Assignment 1

Short Assignment 1: Imitate Tom Wolfe

Choose one of the following scenes from Wolfe’s article, and, in 1-2 pages (at least 250 words), replicate it using information drawn from your own experience. While the topic of your will be drawn from your real-life, you want to imitate both 1) Wolfe’s purpose and 2) his sentence-level style of Wolfe.

Scene one: 265-266 profile of an authority figure
Wolfe mocks William Shawn by telling of an interaction between Shawn and one of his writers. While the writer in question probably recounted this meeting to Wolfe, Wolfe writes it as if he witnessed it AND as if it is typical of the kinds of meetings Shawn has with his writers. Mock a boss, a teacher, anyone in authority by showing this person interacting with a subordinate. Channel Wolfe at the sentence-level.

274-276 Ridiculous process
Wolfe mocks the ridiculous process by which a New Yorker article is edited Mock a ridiculous, bureaucratic-laden process you’ve witnessed. Think of formal meetings, DMV procedures, Marymount financial aid procedures, etc. Channel Wolfe at the sentence-level.

281- 283 Cultural artifact
Wolfe mocks the New Yorker’s bland fiction full of inchoate longings and then describes the people who consume it; The New Yorker is dull, and it is only popular because of small minded, aspiring housewives who consume it. Mock a cultural artifact (music, magazine, internet site, movie) by characterizing it as (lame or narcissistic or juvenile etc.); and be sure to mock the consumers of this artifact as well. Channel Wolfe at the sentence-level.

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