Student Evaluations

Overall, students are quite pleased with the class.

Student goals include getting essays published in Magnificat, getting a good grade, writing essays readers enjoy, writing a well-organized essay they feel confident enough to share with others, writing clearly and with a purpose, improving writing skills, writing faster, and learning what is expected of a college paper.

Students report they have learned to be a better writer in the class. One student finds s/he is “much more interested in wanting to write papers.” One student notes his/her organization has improved. Another wrote that s/he is leaning to “show and not tell”. One student says the class has helped him/her “better proofread and draft my essays.” Another is learning “the correct way of forming paragraphs and sentences.”

Student overwhelming wrote that peer workshops and conferences are helping them meet these goals. Indeed, almost every student mentioned the usefulness of getting “feedback from my classmates.” One student wrote “I personally feel that the feedback I get from my classmates as well as eth professor helps me notice what I already do well in and what I can improve.” Another explains that “feedback from my peers helps the production of a better constructed essay.” One students requested more peer review wrokshops, and two requested more silent, pass-around workshops. On the other hand, three students noted that the whole-class workshop at the beginning of the semester focusing on observations were either not helpful or too repetitive.

Students also find that the amount of writing, an essay a week, is improving their writing. Likewise sharing ideas about writing topics (and posting these to the wiki) helps them get started in the right direction. A majority of students wrote about enjoying the essay topics because these topics allow them to write about personal experiences and to express their ideas. However, three students found the prompts sometimes confusing, and one of these three wanted example essays for the prompts.

One student wanted more hands on activities. Two students wanted other students to be more active and involved in the class. One student requested more grammar lessons. One student notes the wiki is hard to use because “I forget about school when I log into a computer.”

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