Student Theses

It is important as a writer to be able to write about topics that interest you and to express what is important to you at the time of writing. This was crucial to my writing/revision process and needs to be integrated, to some degree, into all academic writing assignments.

For me, creativity is vital to both drafting and revising. I access creativity though sleep/dreams. Some composition scholars have theories about how to access the powers of creativity, but, unfortunately, many scholars ignore the subject of creativity entirely.

Everyone can be a good writer because we can all follow or adopt strategies of drafting/revision that can be applied to academic and creative writing and can improve our writing skills. Good writing isn’t a talent, it is a skill.

For me, good writing happens with a “trigger;” it can’t be forced it just has to come on its own.
Everybody has a different, unique writing process. However, many academic classes, particularly English, forced students into a writing process (prewriting exercises etc.) instead of letting students discover how they feel comfortable writing, to the detriment of the final essay.

Thinking about my audience is necessary for me to be a successful writer. Composition studies’ emphasis on personal narratives may undermine this focus on audience.

Composition scholars have lots of great ideas about writing, but they don’t address the reality of the limits in academic writing situations.

Following your Intuition and finding your connection to the topic is key to good writing because of enjoyment.

Writing process is a process of discovering, shaping, and expressing the self.

While it is important to learn about strategies and theorists, the only way to become an experienced writer is through practice and experience.

For me, expressing an idea and getting the point across and not being misunderstood means I begin with a first draft that just gets everything out. The problem then is sticking with a theme or thesis in the second draft; I think “that’s important and that’s also important and everything’s important.”

It is important as a writer to understand the importance of revision (it can make your final paper better) as well as the level of difficulty of real revision.

In order to write a good paper, a person needs to have a complete understanding of the topic so they can fully express their authority and their voice.

The hardest part of writing is finding a space that writing flows naturally. Some composition scholars allow for this “magic” space, but others ignore it.

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