Tips For Studying For The Exam

Tip #1 Read over the Exam II guidelines carefully so you are clear what you will be asked to do on Friday.

Tip #2 (most important): Skim the texts and make a list of main and minor characters. Look over the lists of characters a couple times before the exam. These characters’ names will trigger specifics/memory of the story. I don’t know why it works, but it does. When I took my comprehensive exams for my doctorate, I had to recall 75 literary works, and lists of characters names was all it took.

Tip #3: Look over the presentation handouts and the 4 most important things (all posted on the wiki). I will use these issues and themes to design Part I, Part II, and especially Part IV of the exam (I will also use the list of connections between texts that we brainstromed on March 19). Underline anything that seems important in the presentation handouts. Reading over this material once while thinking back to the texts should be enough.

Tip #4: Come see me with any questions (particularly about part III).

If you keep up with the readings and make it to class, literature exams don’t require a lot of studying.

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