Transitions between sentences

Sentences must be connected to the sentences surrounding them so that readers are carried smoothly from one idea to the next and so that readers know how the idea in each sentence relates to the larger purpose of the paragraph and of the essay. Therefore, a sentence should contain something “old” (a pronoun, noun, or transitional expression) that links it with the previous sentence.

Notice the difference in the following sentences.
a. Finding food and shelter is the main concern of most homeless children. Regular schooling is often
b. Finding food and shelter is the main concern of most homeless children. For this reason, regular
schooling is often neglected.

Revise the following passage, adding transitional devices. You may have to recast sentences and even combine sentences.
Police brutality is a growing problem in many towns and cities. Police officers are underpaid, under-trained, under-respected, and overworked. They often are frustrated. Suspects arrested feel the brunt of police frustration. These people are often overtly hostile towards the police while having little power to complain. In Austin, Texas, a woman was beaten after spitting at an officer arresting her for drug possession (Hailey 25). No charges were filed against the officer because “it came down to the word of a drug addict and a police officer” (25). Incidences of police brutality make the community more hostile towards police. Hostility creates more police resentment that results in more brutality. It is a vicious cycle.

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