1) One group member reads a passage aloud from the relevant Wolf pages. You want to hear Wolfe’s voice.
2) Each group member reads his/her work aloud.
3) Swap essays to the right.
4) Skim the essay silently, writing notes on the draft from the questions below (no less than 3 minutes).
5) The group talks about each essay for at least 5 minutes (time it). The writer should mostly take notes. The member who wrote notes on the draft will lead discussion, but all members should participate.

• Can you see the person, process, or cultural artifact/consumers of the artifact? Do you need more description? Where? What description did you think was most effective?

• Was it clear that the essay is mocking the person, process, or cultural artifact? Did you find yourself smirking? When? Where did you need more? What is in the essay that takes away from the purpose to mock the person, process, or cultural artifact?

• Does the essay channel Wolfe’s voice? Which stylistic moves and sentence level choices make you feel like Wolfe could have written the piece? What other sentence-level choices can the writer make to approximate Wolfe’s style?

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