Writing Workshop On Inquiry Questions

• Why is Dupont so different from U-Street?
• Dupont is very understanding when it comes to gay rights, but is the community lenient with other rules as well?
• What are the factors that create diversity in Dupont?
• How will the future closing of a Dupont metro entrance affect local businesses?
• How is the social dynamic of a neighborhood affected by the neighborhood’s historical value?
• How do the demographics of neighborhoods with large gay/lesbian populations like Dupont Circle differ from other neighborhoods?
• What is the effect of living in heavily populated neighborhoods like Dupont Circle on residents’ attitudes and behaviors?
• What is the effect of a distinct center on the social community of a neighborhood?

• How does means of transportation affect a neighborhood?
• What economic and social factors make Chinatown thrive as a neighborhood and community?
• Why is the population of Chinatown so diverse?
• How does the construction of sporting complexes near a neighborhood, such as The Verizon Center in Chinatown, affect the local economy?

Adams Morgan
• How does the streets of Adam Morgan come to be so diverse?
• How does living in a community affect couples?
1) Free-write about why YOU care about this questions answer.
2) Narrow question by making terms more specific.
3) Discuss with your partner how to research an answer and why and to whom the answer matters.
4) For conference on Thursday, bring your narrowed question and two new paragraphs (typed).

What factors determine the types of businesses that will thrive in a certain neighborhoods and which ones will fail?

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